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10 Free & Best Music Apps For Your Android Devices

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Who doesn’t want to listen to good music? As the listening song is the best thing anyone can do to get rid of boredom.

Whether someone is listening to a song or any other kind of good music while traveling or some people used do listen to songs when they were falling in love and they like romantic songs, many reasons people were listening songs they depend on own mood.

But sometimes you want to play your favorite songs but that song you will not find in your music player.
So, I am telling about the best music application that you will find all the categories and all over the world songs in these applications.

1. Super cloud song mp3 Downloader

super cloud

Super cloud song mp3 download is the famous application, But this application is not Available on google play store.

This application allows you to easily and quickly download thousands of songs in one application on your Android device.

The Super cloud download is free of cost application, it just has the singer name, artist name, that song you will search on the search bar and after a few seconds.

You will see plenty of results, To start downloading the song by clicking on the song name. It has a huge number of songs are Available for its users.

2. Wynk music

wynk music

Wynk music is one of the most popular application. Wynk is the largest Indian and the International music destination.

It has huge popularity among users. 10 million people are downloading this application with an average rating of 4.1. Wynk application just has the artist name, that song you will search on the search bar and after a few seconds.

You will see more over results on your screen. The offline feature has also Available in this application.

This application is not totally free in the first month you can use their subscription for free. If you are an Airtel user you will get a Six-month subscription for free.

You should download this application and Enjoy one month. I am sure that you love this application.

3. Google play music


Google play music is one of the most famous applications for free music download. You can easily get this application at Google Play Store.

You can instantly play radio station based on the songs, artists, albums, mood, activity and more.

You can store moreover 50000 songs from your personal collection in the Database. One Billion people were downloading this application with an average rating of 4.1.

You can easily use google play music application, It just has as song Name that you want to play after a few second you will see the result on your screen. You can find all the Category of songs like Hindi, English, Spanish, Arabic Etc.

4. Gaana

gaana music app

Gana is another great application for download music. This application was also Available at Google Play Store.10 Million people were downloading this application with an average rating of 4.2.

Gana music application is the Easiest application to use.You can play all types of songs in this application like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and all types of Languages songs.

You can add your favorite songs, Albums in your playlist.You can download many songs at the same time Anywhere with this application.

5. Saavn

saavn music app

Saavn is the most popular free music downloading application.You can easily get this application from Google Play Store with an average of 4.2.

You can download and Listen to all types of Languages songs You can also play songs in your background with an offline feature.

You can find your favorite songs, Listen to your favorite Indian and international Artists.You can make and Share your playlist or Listen to expertly curated playlists, or Artist. Saavn delivers You the perfect music to suit your Mood.

10 million people have downloaded this amazing application. I am damn sure you love this application So, downloading this amazing application and Enjoy the free music.

6. Gaana Punjabi songs

gaana punjabi app

The Gaana Punjabi songs application is another Best application for Punjabi songs lover.You can get also this application at Google Play Store with the average rating of 4.2.

This application offers you the Largest, the Best ever collection of Punjabi songs. If you are a fan of Bhangra songs, You must have this application.

You can enjoy the largest collection of old and new Punjabi songs in varied playlists spread across various genres.

You can Simply search or Select from the various Lists already created for you. You also love this application. Try this application and Enjoy Punjabi songs.

7. Sound cloud-music&audio

sound cloud app

The Sound Cloud-Music application is the Best high rating application at Google Play Store with an average rating of 4.4.

Sound Cloud Music application is the worlds Largest audio and music Streaming platform, with over 135 Million tracks. It is the more over easier application to use.

Sound Cloud’s enormous Catalog lets you discover amazing Hip-hop, Rock, Electronic, Classical, Jazz, Podcasts, Audiobooks and much more.

You can also Create your playlists for parties, workout, on the way to work or Whatever it all Depends on your Mood. It is really amazing and the interesting application Tries this application and Enjoys all types of music for free.

8. Rock my run

rock my run app

Rock my run is the most popular application for body Workouts with music. You can Easily get this application at Google Play Store with an average of 4.3 ratings.

It is the Best running application with the Best Running &Workout music in the world. Rock my run application is proven it increases your Motivation and Enjoyment by up to 35 %.

It gets you More Motivation your Workout music. Rock my run was working with world’s Best DJs craft mixer. It reacts with your body Movements.

You will enjoy more your body workout Because your music moves you. Rock my run is Really the Best application, download this application and Make your workout more interesting.

9. Song Flip

song filp app

Song Flip is the Most famous free music Streaming application. Song Flip is also Available at Google Play Store with an average rating of 4.5.

More than 10 Million times this app has been downloaded thru Google Play Store. You can discover popular and current hit songs.

Moreover, you can sort all kind of songs by filtering them according to their genre from hip hop, Mixtapes, EDM-country and more..

Even you can create your playlist of your own favorite songs and audio tracks to hear later in this app.

Song flip is the most interesting and amazing application tries this application and enjoy your free music.

10. Anghami Free Unlimited Music

anghami app

Anghami is another most famous and free music application. 10 Million people downloaded this music application with an average rating of 4.4.

This is another application you can get easily this application at google play store. You can play music that suits your mood.

Anghami gives you the largest music catalog, with millions of Arabic and international songs for free, Anghami application is full of Amazingness try this amazing application.

conclusion :

So, These are the best music application for your Android devices. These are amazing and interesting Applications. I hope you enjoy and like all these applications.


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